Good day Patriots!

At Heroes Ranch, the safety of our guests is one of our top priorities. When our Hero hunters arrive for a weekend of hunting and have gotten a chance to settle in, one of the first activities we have planned is to head over to our brand new gun range, nicknamed “Big Buck Range” to sight in their weapons – either one they have brought with them, or one of our custom ranch firearms that we have available for use.

Big Buck Range has everything a hunter will need to sight-in and fire a few practice rounds before heading out to bag a trophy from one of our many species available!

Our new range features three fully-equipped sight-in stations set at distances of 100, 75, and 25 yards, offers multiple 3D bow targets, all-metal rifle and pistol targets, and for added safety, the range is fully encircled by our recently built 12-foot berm that ensures everything stays on the range!

Once the visiting group is sighted-in and comfortable with the firearms they will use during any hunts, it’s time to kick off a truly unforgettable weekend of hunting, fishing, and all sorts of outdoor activities centered around healing and fellowship for our Heroes.

Check out the video above and the photos below that show the construction of and final completed form of Big Buck Range in all its glory, and next time you’re out at the ranch, make sure you take a few minutes to check it out in person for yourself!

Until next time -