Good Day, Patriots!

Duck Hunting and Shotgun Sports are always great ways to become one with the outdoors.

So we decided to add a Sporting Clay range for our Heroes to practice their shotgun skills before putting them in the duck blind.

We just finished Dakota’s Pond, named after our water-loving, bird-retrieving Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

This new 1-acre pond is located right inside the main entrance and is the center point of our 5-station sporting clay range.

It’s the ideal spot to get ready and build your shotgun confidence for hunting ducks, dove, or pheasants.

Our guides and Heroes may get a little competitive and are known to offer friendly wagers over who will be the best shot.

Building a functioning pond out of nothing is no small task, but once the Big Buck rifle range and the safety berm were firmly established, we moved on to building what is now known as Dakota’s Pond and our shotgun sporting clay range.

Dakota’s pond took months of planning and construction to get to its current form, and the video shows you how we took a piece of land and put a pond on it, so check it out!

 Until next time…Free