Good Day Patriots,

We are truly thankful for any and all donations….be they time, money, or other. It’s an honor and a blessing when people show their generosity by supporting Heroes Ranch. To know that we are spearheading an organization that others think worthy of donations is humbling.

One of the other donations I refer to is the new poker table in the man cave. This beautiful item was donated to the ranch by Ed Lipsett, Store Director of Nebraska Furniture Mart. Timeless in design and featuring a black velvet playing surface and an all-wood body, this poker table seats eight comfortably and has found a home beneath our canoe light fixture in the man cave.

Our new poker table is quickly becoming a gathering spot in the evenings for our guests, where it’s less about the cards and more about the stories being dealt and shared.

Check out the video above about the poker table to see its finer details.

Thank you To Ed and Nebraska Furniture Mart!

Until next time…


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